Leadership Z Courses

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Leadership Z Courses

re:BOX + eCornell

Submission Period Varied
Class Schedule Varied | 2 to 3 Weeks
Designed for anyone with interest and prior understanding each course require


Welcome to re:BOX and Cornell University online professional certificate programs! Please join us and engage with the world’s leading Leadership and HR strategy Certificate Programs offered through eCornell, Cornell University’s online delivery platform.

  • Duration
    2 to 3 Weeks
  • Class Size
    Under 35 Students
  • Effort
    5 to 7 hours a week
  • Format
    100% Online, Instructor‑Led
  • Style


Benefits & Principles

These programs are second-to-none, trendy and 100% online.  

They also allow you to qualify for a professional certificate from Cornell University.  

Re:BOX also offers customized leadership training programs, customized workshops or consultation, seminars for individuals, teams, and organizations.  

These re:BOX programs will enable you to expand and build on what you have learned in the eCornell courses in a local language environment.

Key Topics


Faculty Group

  • Christopher Collins

    eCornell 교수

  • Lisa H. Nishii

    eCornell 교수

  • Dr. Robert Bloomfield

    eCornell 교수


re:box transforms leaders and organizations through global out-of-the-box solutions.